Technology, you, and your child/adolescent

Check out the following Huffington Post article (thanks to my friend and colleague, Kellyn Smythe for posting):  Huffington Post Children & Technology Article

I think the author makes some good points about the use of technology and the possible negative effects of technology on our children, though I disagree with the language of "banning" technology with youth. In my experience, finding a common ground is important, otherwise most people (especially youth!) don't listen. My suggestion:  be intentional with how much technology you allow your child to use and manage the use of technology in your home. The one point I want to drive home is that if you expect your child/adolescent not to use technology or to limit their use, then hold yourself accountable for how much you use it for recreational purposes. If you are on your cell phone 10 hours a day monitoring  Facebook or playing a game, then your child is going to learn that is normal. Practice balance in your life and share an expectation in your home for how much technology is used and why it is used, whether it be for business and/or pleasure. 

This next piece is no surprise coming from me. You should be spending AT LEAST as much if not more time in and around the natural environment than you are on your iphone, laptop, or tablet. The research is fairly clear--monitored exposure to nature is good for child/adult development, technology most likely is not as good for child/adult development. And, there are ways to bring technology and nature together. Check out some of the apps midway down the page at the following website:  Nature Apps for your Smart Phone

Best wishes as you work toward the balance we all need in our lives to feel well and content!