Frequently Asked Questions


If I go to counseling, will I be psychoanalyzed?

Psychoanalysis is a specific approach to psychotherapy. I do not perform psychoanalysis on my clients. Rather, we focus on the client's self-defined presenting concerns and create a mutually agreed upon treatment plan to address those concerns to foster wellness.  

What issues or populations are you most effective with?

I am willing to work with anyone looking to work on themselves. I also feel most competent in addressing the following issues:

  • varying degrees of anger

  • struggle to find balance between work and home

  • men's/boys' issues

  • relationship challenges

  • difficult life transitions (e.g., divorce, job loss)

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • trauma

In cases where the presenting concerns are beyond the scope of my training, expertise, and experience, an appropriate referral will be made.  

As a parent or guardian I am concerned about letting my child or dependent be in a nature setting with an adult who I don't know. Have other parents or guardians shared these same concerns?  

Absolutely. As the parent or guardian you will be an integral part of your child or adolescent's treatment. For sessions when you are not involved directly, I still invite you as the concerned parent or guardian to join us on the trail. However, I ask that you keep a distance that allows your dependent to freely share knowing that you will not be able to hear what is being said. I want my clients to feel safe in disclosing their struggles so we can be the most productive. There might also be times where you will join us for a family session, depending on the presenting concerns. I am open to discussing this guideline further throughout the therapeutic process. 

Are you a psychologist?

I am a licensed professional counselor. I focus on client wellness. While I acknowledge the utility and importance of mental health diagnosis, the counseling relationship functions at its best when the problem is defined by the client. 

How can I learn more about counseling and whether it is the right approach for me?

To learn more about Professional Counseling please go to

What if I don't want to meet outside? Will you still meet with me?

Some situations or presenting concerns may warrant meeting in an indoor space for some sessions and on the trail for others. Also, inclement weather may force us to meet on some occasions indoors rather than outdoors depending on our comfort levels in cold or wet weather. 

I am concerned about confidentiality in the outdoor setting. Can you guarantee that our meetings will be confidential?

Confidentiality entails protecting your privacy as a client. Meeting at a park or on a trail around Bend, Oregon most likely entails us seeing other people, including people we may know. Unfortunately, there is no possible way that I can keep our relationship confidential when we meet in outdoor spaces. However, I can guarantee confidentiality in regard to your client file, with few exceptions that will be discussed when we first meet. 

What if I have health concerns that may impact my ability to be in outside spaces?

Please report any allergies, physical concerns, or any other medical conditions that may impact your wellbeing in a negative way when we are in an outdoor setting. I will carry a small first-aid kit on me and a cell phone in cases of emergency, but it is your responsibility to disclose any health concerns that may impact your ability to safely participate in our interactions in nature.  

What is EcoWellness?

EcoWellness is the extent to which one's connection with nature impacts perceived levels of wellness.  For more information about EcoWellness please select the "EcoWellness Research" page.

How do I set up services?

Please email me to set up a time to connect by phone. Our initial phone conversation and email correspondences are free of charge.

How do you accept payment?

I accept cash, personal checks, and most credit cards.

Do you accept forms of insurance?

I can provide you with an invoice so that you can then submit it to your insurance company. I encourage you to check with your insurance plan to determine your out-of-network benefits.   

how many sessions will we meet?

The number of sessions we agree to will be an ongoing conversation. Should we agree to meet beyond the initial Consultation session, I typically agree to meeting with my clients for 3 sessions. If we both feel that you (or your dependent) will benefit from further meetings, we can then come to an agreement for additional sessions. 

I am not quite understanding what you mean by "good fit." Can you say more about this?

The counseling relationship is most beneficial when both the client and counselor feel comfortable in the relationship. We will also be the most productive when you come to counseling ready to work on your presenting concerns. Being a counselor is hard work; being the client is even harder because you are making changes that impact all aspects of your life. In cases where either of us believes that our relationship is or may not be of benefit, an appropriate referral will be made.