Embrace your view...or create one

With the fall season in full force and all of the leaves turning (at least here in Central Oregon), take it upon yourself to check out your surroundings. In particular, be intentional with your view at work, school, or home. The research is pretty clear:  views of nature outside your window can enhance your focus/concentration and reduce stress. Some researchers have even found that a view of nature makes us more friendly with one another. Cool huh?  

Don't have a readily accessible view of nature? Be creative and strategic. If you can't spend your entire day with a view of some sort do what you can to have at least 30 minutes of a nature view. Or, if you took some great pictures over the weekend create a slideshow and put it on during lunch. 

Or, in an ideal world...spend 30 minutes outside each day, admiring the nature that is all around us. Spending time appreciating your surroundings and the things you feel good about in your life can make a big difference in mood and outlook.