About Ryan

My name is Ryan Reese and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Bend, Oregon. After completing my B.S. at Western Washington University I went on to complete my masters degree in School Counseling & Guidance with an additional emphasis in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Florida. I completed my PhD at UNC-Greensboro in Counseling & Counselor Education. In addition to my LPC, I maintain credentials as a Licensed School Counselor (Oregon), National Certified Counselor, and Approved Clinical Supervisor. A big piece of my growth and healing has occurred through immersing and exploring rivers and the natural landscapes that surround them. My change was also facilitated through the people in my life who supported and challenged me to grow. These experiences and relationships  inspired me to become a professional counselor. I have a Registered Therapy Dog, Bristol. She is a hypoallergenic, 25-pound labradoodle, and she may join us from time to time if you or your loved one might benefit from her presence.